Your Team

An ensemble team approach.

Our team based multi-professional practice allows us to share in the stewardship over client relationships, while leveraging the collective talent of each team member, as we endeavor to provide the best client experience. In adopting this ensemble approach and combined with our culture of Honesty, Integrity, Accountability and Pursuit of Excellence, we realigned our philosophy to “everyone is responsible” for our clients. In today’s changing world and landscape of evolving client needs and increasing regulatory requirements it no longer fit our fiduciary standard to put everything on the shoulders of a solo advisor. As an ensemble team our standard of care offers our clients the opportunity to address their needs with any and all members of the team per their area of expertise.

Advisor & Client Service Team

Each member of our ensemble team holds a passion for helping others & providing each client a distinct and holistic experience. We also share a deep respect for our clients and their well-being and endeavor to provide an exceptional client experience for each of our clients by listening attentively to their needs, empowering them with the tools and education they will need to get them where they want to go.

Investment Management Team

Through SAGE’s Investment Committee, we bring to bear a wealth of experience, a methodical process and a distinct problem-solving capability. We apply our best thinking and our best methods to each unique client circumstance with the aim of providing thoughtful and effective Investment Management solutions.

Financial LIfe Planning team

Our professional, ensemble team of CFP®’s provide guidance and advice to empower clients to take ownership of their financial future using our Financial Life Planning collaborative approach.

Operations & Strategy Team

A successful client experience is dependent on exceptional execution and understanding of needs. Our strategy & operations team brings vast experience and operational success focusing on business operations, processes & procedures. In addition, the team is focused on identifying and implementing new technologies and tools to support our clients and create operational efficiency for our team.

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