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The SAGE Wealth Management Standard of Care is more than delivering our best thinking in the areas of financial life planning, investment management and estate planning. At its core, it provides a holistic view of our relationship with our clients and the role that we play in their lives. We believe this approach enables the Wealth Advisor to anticipate the client’s needs as they move from one stage of life to another.  When we begin to work with them and build a financial plan, part of our job is to bring questions to their attention that they might not have considered.  We work from a Standard of Care that helps us think strategically about everything our clients should be considering as their lives evolve.  Our Standard of Care helps us answer critically important questions such as “What am I missing that could hurt me?” and “What am I missing that I could take advantage of?”

SAGE Wealth Management Standard of Care

Financial Life Planning

We employ a team of Certified Financial Planner professionals who listen actively and intently to begin the process of developing trust and to carefully assess your goals and dreams.

Comprehensive Financial Life Planning is more than the active management of investments. It is more than the creation of a retirement plan and it goes well beyond regular portfolio check-ups.  In addition to planning basic life events, it also addresses potential events that can drastically alter a person’s long-term financial security to include potential threats to their established plan and their quality of life. We monitor and adapt planning strategies over time to anticipate the ever-changing financial lives of our clients. We believe developing an effective plan takes time and implementation; it is not a one-time event.  It develops and changes to address the client’s current and anticipated needs so they can strive for the life they envisioned for themselves and their family and allow them to pursue their dreams.

Investment Management

At SAGE, we take the time to learn what is most important to our clients. We subscribe to the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory and through our Investment Committee, we apply our intellectual capital and methods throughout each stage of our investment process. As an independent practice, SAGE is not confined to any specific research firm, investment manager or asset class. Our Investment Committee, made up of members with decades of professional experience in financial services and capital markets, leverages a wealth of experience when assessing the fundamental and behavioral impacts of changing market conditions.

Client Services

We are proud of our client-centered approach in providing exceptional service that our clients have grown to expect and, more importantly, deserve. This approach is based on our belief that our client’s needs always come first. We strive to build long-term relationships by listening attentively to them, further empowering them with the tools and education that we believe they will need to get them where they want to go.

We are committed to delivering a client experience based on trust, mutual respect and continuous communication in order to keep our clients informed and educated about their progress every step of the way.

Life is a constantly-evolving journey that presents clients with a host of predictable challenges. There are normal life transitions: stages of life that we enter and leave as the years pass. Developments in those stages require us to adjust the plan, the portfolio and other strategies. In addition, there are always unexpected events to which every client must adapt, both positive and negative. Part of our job is to pay attention to what is happening in our clients’ lives, observe it from the perspective of what we are doing and what we might need to change, and make sure clients receive the best possible advice about how to navigate those changes.


Finally, we believe that our clients benefit from having an advisor who will act as a sounding board and counselor when they become concerned by volatility in the markets. At SAGE, we are pillars of reason and calm, but understand that clients may have concerns about volatile market behavior. For this reason, we stand ready to advise our clients not just through periods of market decline and uncertainty, but, as importantly, through periods of excitement and euphoria.