SAGE Private Wealth Group Family Office is pleased to bring the following services to your family. We take a prescriptive and advice-based approach to client care and intergenerational wealth, mindful of addressing all elements of your needs with a keen understanding of how each works together and impacts other areas of your financial well-being.

In our work, we prescribe strategies based on a full understanding of your needs and with the support of a dedicated team of financial practitioners.

Family Governance – We help families become more organized and effective by adding structure and processes to help guide their relationship with one another and with their family enterprise. A successful family governance strategy can help create clarity and establish boundaries resulting in greater harmony between family members and easier transitions between generations. We take special care to reflect the particular culture, dynamic and objectives of each family we serve.

Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer – Proper planning for the transfer of wealth and assets from one generation to the next is an important element of an effective legacy plan. SAGE also facilitates discussion around family values and principles, mindful of crafting the appropriate family narrative. These conversations often lead to decisions about charitable giving and philanthropy; doing well while doing good.

Trust Services – A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries and is often an important tool used by wealthy families to manage their affairs. Through Raymond James Trust, we can facilitate trust administration, custodial bookkeeping, advice on administration, federal and state filing requirements, payment of claims, beneficiary distributions and a host of other trust services. 

Wealth & Investment Management – Through SAGE Investment Committee, we bring an independent and unbiased approach to conducting manager due diligence and selection, asset allocation and portfolio construction. We employ a number of assets classes and investment structures to help you achieve your growth and preservation goals to include equity, fixed-income, alternative investments and other solutions related to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing.

Private Banking & Lending Solutions – Often our clients have wealth needs related cash, liquidity and financing. Through Raymond James Private Client Banking, we can assist in a number of ways to include securities backed lending, structured lending and residential lending. Additionally, we can help with a variety of custom lending needs related to commercial real estate, corporate, small business, aircraft, art and collectibles.

Life Planning – Our clients lead busy and demanding lives, pursuing their dreams and ambitions with little time to take care of the little things that often matter most. SAGE takes great care to assist clients in matters, personal and professional, related to the planning and execution of their day-to-day needs. As resolution-focused professionals and problem solvers, no task is too big, nor too small and is carried out with the utmost privacy and discretion.

Insurance & Risk Management – Asset protection is an important element of a comprehensive and prescriptive approach, especially for those who have accumulated significant net worth. SAGE works with clients to help structure risk management and risk mitigation solutions for traditional and non-traditional holdings. Assets may include home, life, real estate, business, art, collectibles and even one’s identity. Our risk team works diligently to architect a custom framework of protection to provide risk strategies and greater confidence.

Tax Planning & Advisory: Gaining a deep understanding of your personal and business tax goals, while partnering with your tax advisor, helps us create a proactive, advice based strategy for managing your taxes throughout the year. Jointly with your tax professional, we aim to include the tax conversation on an ongoing basis, not as a once per year event.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected, including diversification and asset allocation.

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