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Many of today’s veteran advisors began their career as independent operators while others grew up in the large national firms with whom they severed ties to ‘go it alone.’ These entrepreneurs were the trail blazers of the ‘independent’ and ‘breakaway’ movements, and many are now faced with a number of important decisions as they consider how and when to retire.

At SAGE, we help advisors and their teams design, plan and implement a successful and personalized succession experience. On the business end, we go to great lengths to provide our succession partners with an understanding of how our process can preserve and enhance the value of their practice while providing a smooth transition into the next phase of their life.

We have learned that the efficient papering and transfer of an advisory practice, while critical and labor-intensive, is only one of several challenges that must be addressed. The succession process is also an emotional journey both for advisors and their clients. The emotional and psychological elements cannot be overlooked and must be managed with significant thought and consideration well in advance of the actual move.

Succession is not a transaction, it is a process that involves developing trust and mutual respect. Our aim is to demonstrate to our succession partners that they and their clients will be well cared for and treated in an ethical and fair manner before, during and after the transition is complete. More than anything, we believe that alignment on values, principles and culture are the most important elements of a respectful and trusted partnership.

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