SAGE Team Update – Welcome Tim Haracz!

We are excited to announce the addition of our new team member, Tim Haracz. As a Portfolio Analyst, Tim adds meaningful in-depth analysis, and recommendations to SAGE Private Wealth Group’s Investment Committee. He delivers valuable insights by identifying and unifying patterns within various markets. 

His enthusiasm for finance was born when he discovered the amalgamation of art and science within the world of finance and economics. He has an ability to visualize abstract concepts and data which helps him examine capital markets to uncover opportunities in areas not always seen.

Growing up as a first generation Polish American, his father’s view of finance being an integral part of American dream was one of the seeds that inspired Tim to pursue a career in Finance. Tim’s passion for capital markets was rooted in the perception that capitalism and finance were integral to the American dream and that the equality of opportunity is available to any person, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved by one’s own hard work.

Tim enjoys sports like biking, snowboarding, and martial arts. More recently, he has gotten into gardening.

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